Because Simon’s sense of fashion is the best sense of fashion.
Some Magic Police fan art.
I’ve been watching a lot of those two lately. XD
Only those who’ve seen the Nuzlocke stream will understand. XD(or not…)
A little tribute to the QUITE HYPE end of the Nuzlocke stream from the super best friends. Good job guys.
Soo i’ve been a fan of The Sw1tcher channel on you tube for a long time, and lately i’ve been listening a lot to the super best friendcast while i was painting. And “poof” this appeared in my head.(The giant romantic fist is not actually rubber, but heeeeeee whatever)
Another fan art of Zoeya.
I like to see her as a super hero…… oh wait, she IS a super hero.
Skjorm the hunchback
moar landscape!